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Square Credit Card Reader



I have purchased a Square Card Reader for $19 and love how simple it is to use

No more unpaid invoices, lost sales or cash flow issues

This pocket size card reader plugs into your mobile phone to allow you to take credit card payments with ease anytime - anywhere

If you want to own one to use in your business use this link to register

My Oils Australia invites you to try Square

You will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days*.

Afterwards, Square’s card processing fee is just 1.9% per transaction for any Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card processed through Square Reader, or 2.5% per Square Invoice paid online.

Square credit card reader features

square credit card reader plugs into your mobile phoneSquare Credit Card reader small compact and simple to use with your phone